‘Unreasonable and obsessive’: Police doubts over key witness in Keli Lane case

A cache of internal NSW Police reports about the controversial Keli Lane case reveals damning findings about a key prosecution witness and his history of serious complaints against the force.

The ABC’s Exposed program has been investigating one of Australia’s most notorious crimes — the disappearance of baby Tegan Lane and the controversial murder trial of her mother Keli.

The confidential police reports, seen by the ABC, were written several months before Lane’s 2010 murder trial began, but none were disclosed during the trial or included in the NSW Police Disclosure Certificate list of evidence.

In the most extraordinary revelation, multiple internal reports written by a senior detective found a key prosecution witness was “unreasonable” and “obsessive”, and that many of his theories about the case were baseless and “unreasonable”.

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Shock revelations police withheld evidence in Keli Lane case spark calls for royal commission

There are calls for a royal commission into police nondisclosure after stunning revelations that thousands of secretly recorded intercepts were withheld from Keli Lane’s defence team at her murder trial.

Last night the investigative team behind the ABC’s Exposed documentary revealed NSW Police secretly recorded up to 2000 of Lane’s conversations via phone intercepts and listening devices placed in her home between 2004 and 2008.

Yet only around six per cent of those recordings were disclosed or handed over to Lane’s lawyers during her five-month trial.

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Keli Lane trial judge calls for investigation into withheld police recordings

Tonight on the 7.30 Report, more details will emerge about the police investigation into the disappearance of Tegan Lane. Despite our repeated attempts to obtain the thousands of missing phone and intercept listening device recordings, the police have maintained that their release is not in the public interest. Given the recent attention on the integrity of Keli Lane's conviction, Dr Ruyters argues that the release most certainly is in the public interest, stating "Justice requires a complete investigation. And a complete investigation is access to and release of all of the material. Not just a selection of it."

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Question on notice for Mark Speakman regarding our call for an inquiry into the investigation, prosecution and conviction of Keli Lane.


Lynch, Paul to the Attorney General

  1. What is your response to the application by Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University Innocence Initiative on behalf of Keli Lane?

  2. When is it anticipated that the application will be determined?

Question asked on 13 November 2018 (session 56-1) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 212. No answer has been printed. Answer due on 18 December 2018.

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Why police and prosecutors don’t always disclose evidence in criminal trials

In the final episode of Exposed, the ABC documentary series on the conviction of Keli Lane, the fairness of her trial was called into question due to admitted flaws in the police investigation.

The Bridge of Hope Innocence Initiative, a group dedicated to investigating claims of wrongful conviction in Australia, is examining whether those deficiencies also include a failure by police to disclose hours of recordings to Lane’s defence lawyers.

The failure of prosecutors and police to disclose material that was not used at criminal trials has emerged as a potential cause of wrongful convictions and other miscarriages of justice in cases across Australia.

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Call for an inquiry into the investigation, prosecution, and conviction of Keli Lane

The Bridge of Hope Innocence Initiative has been investigating Keli’s claim that she is innocent and we believe that this is a significant case of miscarriage of justice.

The prosecution had provided no evidence of death, no evidence of murder, no forensic evidence that a baby had been harmed at all, no meaningful evidence of motive, and no confession.

In our opinion, Keli’s investigation, prosecution, and conviction represent a gross miscarriage of justice. 

We urge you to sign this petition for a full inquiry

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