Ethical dilemmas and the true crime podcast

In his radio debut, our manager Dr Greg Stratton featured on 3CR’s Communication Mixdown last week on Monday the 25th of February. In conversation with Patrick Stokes from Deakin University, he spoke about the use of podcasts and other long-form media to share stories of miscarriages of justice, and the ‘ethical tensions’ associated with this.

True crime podcasting has turned out to be a hugely popular type of media long-form content. But there are recurring questions about this particular strand of popular culture. Ostensibly based on a miscarriage of justice, are these podcasts merely voyeuristic, exploiting tragedy for the sake of entertainment and missing the voice of victims?

These ethical tensions are explored in the edition of Communication Mixdown with Associate Professor of Philosophy at Deakin University, Patrick Stokes, and Dr. Gregory Stratton from the Justice and Legal Department at RMIT who manages the Bridge of Hope Innocence Initiative.